3 Hour Cruise

We did not get shipwrecked though.  Today was a lazy morning as I pushed myself a little too hard yesterday.  I took the morning to recover.  So I could enjoy the cruise on Maligne Lake, after all it was voted ‘Best Boat Cruise in Canada’ (by Reader Digest).  My thought campy or dorky.  Truth it was fun and the lake was quite large, even though we did not get to walk on Spirit Island.

If you ever get to the Banff, Jasper area of Canada I would suggest booking the Glacier Adventure and the Maligne Lake cruise both through Pursuit/Brewster 

https://www.brewster.ca/attractions-sightseeing/attraction-combo-packages/  We did the Jasper Explorer.  

Both days we had awesome crew but let me tell you about Alexis from the cruise.  She didn’t have a name tag on though so I think her name was Bob, she held one up that said Alexis.  She made us repeat it back to her I think because she wasn’t sure of it.  At least that’s my story, she has her version. 

On the way over she kept saying good questions they really were because I learned alot because she gave good answers.  This is one of the pictures of the lake.  Once on the viewpoint of Spirit Island we were able to walk around and see the 1/4 million dollar outhouse they built on the island. I had Alexis take my picture 

even though she tried to leave me on the boat. She really enjoys her work and it shows catch her talk in my vblog.  On to 7 days of one night stands to get to Haines AK.