Today we arrived in Banff, Canada’s first national park (150 years old).  On the drive over numerous road pull offs were closed due to bear activity.   That is exactly what I came to see.  We did pull in one that was called painted pots, Roy said go ahead walk to them I’ll wait.  Well decided against it when the shortest trail was 6.5km one way.  I  decided against that hike.  I did run into a nice old couple from Cranbrook BC, he was looking at doing the hike, until he realized how far it was.  I said I would hike it if he went with me.  I’m so glad he didn’t take me upon it.

We saw a deer, and a grey wolf.  He was a very well fed and healthy looking guy.  Roy or I have never seen one in the wild.  93 and 1, both major hwys have fencing all along so the animals can’t cross the highway.  On 1 they have large animal overpasses for the animals don’t cross the highway. So not much to see on the major highways.

Tomorrow we are going to drive around and find some landscapes and animals, we are avoiding the marathon. Today we set up and then headed to town.  The amount of people were insane.  Reminded me of NYC with all the people walking.  Some of the stores were so crowded I avoided them.  The campsite we are at today has 188 sites UNREAL.  A fellow a-framer who is parked in a second rv park has over 600 spaces CRAZY.

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  1. You know those collapsible water jugs…the ones sort of a foot square with a spigot to pour out your water? Don’t leave on your picnic table. We were camping in Banff and had all food locked in trunk, water container on table, brand new Father’s Day gift from kids. Bear wandered in, sniffed it, picked it up, tossed it in air like a beach ball and when it split open, had a long drink. Kids each took the remnants to school show and tell..

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