Yesterday I shopped until I dropped today we drove around Banff on an animal hunt.  We hit the jackpot, driving around Lake Minniwanka.         I saw my first bear.    You can’t see him to well, we had someone who would not pull up so the cars behind could get a better view.  He seemed to be a younger bear, because he wasn’t super big and we didn’t see mama.  He was well hid in the grass and we were about 20 feet from him.  We then continued around the lake and pass the damn to see some baby Bighorn sheep.    We also saw a female elk just munching away.

Then we decided to head up the road to the Norquay ski resort via Norquay road.  We missed the exit and had to go up to the next exit where we got our dose of Sunshine .  What’s interesting about this exit is the rock climbing that was going on.  Once we get turned around we headed up the hill.  Here we saw two large Bighorn sheep licking the salt from rock walls. On the way back down we stopped about 5 feet away to watch.  I got rewarded with this – .

We decided to drive around town for a little bit still trying to avoid the marathon that was going on. So on our way home we took another drive around the lake.   This time we had our own escort. 

Tomorrow we are going out to the cave.