Oh Canada!

June 16th we entered Canada gets us closer to Alaska.  Yesterday I stayed back at the RV Park to do laundry and clean the trailer while Roy went grocery shopping.  I learned a good lesson you do laundry when it’s cheap.  $1.25 to wash a quarter for 10 minutes to dry.

The camp we stayed at was part permament residents and part RV, large laundry and free showers which is always a plus. Got up this morning hooked up in sprinkles then went to wash the RV.

We crossed the border at Roosville and could not find Kanga or Pooh, but did encounter a very nice Canadian Customs Official.  Up to the border we had some rain and saw a few deer. I also saw the start of the Columbia river, it is called Columbia Lake and feeds the Columbia river which dumps into the Pacific Ocean at Astoria Oregon.  So this trip I will see the start and finish of a river.  Along this road Roy caught movement out of the side of his eye and slowed down, deer he said.  The small 6 point deer with his fuzz on his antlers ran right in front of the car.  After he crossed he stopped and I swear nodded his head as if to say thank you, then he was gone.  I did get a picture.

Tonight we are in Dry Gulch Provincial park, we didn’t drop the trailer because Roy pulled in a back in space.  In the morning though we need to drop the sway bars. Tomorrow we are off to Banff for 3 nights  with electric.