The Climb Or

the long and winding roads.  Coming up out of White Bird Idaho it seemed like one constant assent.  I for one am scared of heights but when I can look the views are amazing.

Monday night we stopped just short of Coeur d’Alene Idaho in Worley found a cheap parking lot with electric.  We drove through small town America even came across Moscow, but did not see the Kremlin. Stopped at the Nez Perce Indian Museum interesting band of indians.  All through this area we’ve travelled in Idaho you will see the English word below the Sahaptian word.  People who know me know I slaughter languages other then english so I’m keeping the pronunciation to myself.  For more info on the Nez Perce check this out.

On to Montana today.

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  1. Yep, we found Moscow. No Kremlin, no spies, and absolutely NO collusion to be found. We did see a sign advertising ‘Moscow Collision Service’ … maybe THAT’s what it’s all about … ??

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