Sunday Funday

Got up and out early wanted to drive down to Hells Canyon Recreation area and hopefully catch some animals.  The road over is 17 miles of gravel with switchbacks, hairpins, and a 16% grade.  That in itself is insane add to the fact that it is also open range and single lane in spots.  This road crosses the divide between the Salmon and Snake rivers, it is also the only road into Hells Canyon from northern Idaho.

Pittsburg Saddle is the high point at 4291 you climb 2800 feet from the Salmon river side then drop 3000 feet down to the Snake river side.  The views were amazing. Once on the other side down by Pittsburg Landing the water was much calmer.   Then we decided to climb back up because there is only one way out and that’s up and over. Good article on the road and landing.

Info on the canyon

Did this all before noon, grabbed lunch then went for another drive this time old 95.  This road also had switchbacks, hairpins, and no guardrails in spaces.  I was able to take a picture of the new road from the old road. I was scared because of the curves.  Here’s info on the summit  It was very pretty up here.  We headed to Grangeville to get gas and come home on the new 95 so much easier.  Stop at a store that had huckleberry ice cream and I found Roy’s been holding out on me, he has his own seasoning, so I also bought some.

Full day of driving a few deer lots of cows and many curves.  Headed to Coeur d’Alene.

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