Not a Duck

although I feel like one.  We got to the rv park after following the gps through town, no dirt roads this time.  The skies opened up at least it wasn’t snow YET!  So I was impressed that all I had to do was unlock the door and step inside.  The outside was a little more intense with sewer, water, and unhooking.  Lesson learned there are draw backs to both, when it’s raining you will get wet.
The drive over was amazing, the link above tells more about the drive.  The Spragpole restaurant in Murray Idaho was closed so no lunch there.  We did see a lot of dredge trailings next to the road and it looks like they are still doing some mining.  The top of the pass is 6814 with lots of hiking trails.

Today we are headed to Glacier National Park we can drive 15.5 miles in from the west, then we might drive around the park and do the 12 miles on the other side.