Obese Idaho Wingless Magpie

The story behind magpies occurred last year we had just left Nevada on the trip we saw a cool bird.  I snapped a picture of it and sent it to my photo/bird guru, she told me it was a magpie. These birds are usually black with some white on the wings. 

Since then any where we go we see at least one.  So now that you have the background, I will tell you the story.

It all started Sunday morning June 11th, during my morning photo walk.  I see movement on the hill it’s black looks low to the ground slow moving.  It has to be a cat!  I zoomed in snapped the picture looked at it turned out to be a black and white cow. 

Roy saved me the embrassment of being excited and bummed about shooting the cow.  This is how I discovered the ‘Obese Idaho Wingless Magpie’.


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