Beam Me UP!

No we didn’t go back to Vulcan, we visited Hat Creek Radio Observatory AKA Allen Telescope Array (ATA) or I want to say S.ETI.   No contact yet, maybe someday.  SETI uses the telescopes 12 hours a day and SRI uses them the other 12.  Bought my first shirt here.  UC Berkley started the telescopes here because it was very quiet they stopped in 2011. We were up and out the door by 8:45am and made our firststop by 9:15.  

Our second stop was Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery.  I was able to feed the fish.  It was funny to see them jump like crazy towards the direction of the pellets.  I could never be a fisherman though heavy feet when I walked towards the tanks where the big fish were they swam away.  Right before we left I checked out the albino trout I will post pictures when I have better internet.

After leaving the hatchery we came across some car sculptures then made a wrong turn. We drove for a while in the wrong direction, our goal was Burney Falls.  We made it right around lunch time only to find out my DV California pass would not be good after the end of July.  So we headed to the town of Burney for lunch at McDs and phone calls (no cell service at park).  I was so impressed with Roy 2 1/2 stops before lunch.

Back to the falls, where we found a parking space 75 feet from the overlook doable for both of us.  I’m still trying to learn my camera so more practice shots 😃.  It was getting warm dress in layers.  From here we went to Subway cave a lava tube this was cool in more ways then one.  My pictures didn’t turn out in fact they were spooky.  I was the only one who went down but Roy made it to the stairs going down to the cave.

On the way home there was a traffic alert so turning on the radio we here TRACK FIRE 3 miles past jct.  It comes to be a truck fire not to bad though.  Back to home base at 4pm and in bed by 10pm.  Tomorrow headed to Klamouth Falls one night.

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  1. So … what does one do at the ‘Subway Lava Cave’ you ask … ??

    We ordered a Black Forest footlong and an Italian BMT … LOL

    Then took a walk through the lava tube. Well, Darcy did – I stared down into the hole. Breathing is required to climb in and out.

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