Yesterday and Today

Today is June 4th we’ve been gone 4 days already seems like we left yesterday.  Speaking of yesterday it was a very lazy day.  Roy and I took some time to use my tri-pod so I am more skilled to lay in wait for animals we’ll see.  Oh and that all important bear selfie (JK).  We are headed to Lassen National park where 10 miles of it is drivable.

Upon arriving at Hat Creek Resort, I immediately thought of summer camp meets Jason.  AWESOME!  We check in and cell phones, internet, cable, pay phone all don’t work (they say a lightening strike took the,m out last week) now I’m checking around for the hockey mask.  We are in the woods and there is a motel up front some cabins and then the rv park.

We decided to head to Lassen Volanic NP, good choice.  The park was nice even though I only saw the first 10 miles.  I did see geese on a log, deer no other animals that’s cool they aren’t hiding yet.  I saw and touched snow, it was COLD.  In touching it I remember why seeing it from the desert floor at home is as close as I want to be.

I have pictures I will be posting of snow grafitti.  I thought of my friend Shelby instantly because SHELBY was written in the snow.

Tomorrow we are headed to the fish hatchery, seti, and Subway cave.

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