June 6th travel day 1 night stopover in Klamath Falls Oregon, free parking lot no hook-ups but boondocking is ok.  Driving up we saw 3 young bucks ran right in front of us, cool.  June 7th another travel day and 1 night stop over in Burns Ore, tomorrow we will rest our weary heads for two nights in Meridian ID to see fellow geocoin collector and cacher Lenny.

We did take the road less travelled today and I learned a valuable lesson.  Lesson learned was take a paper map with you when using GPS car navigater. We are driving along on a paved road and here in 1000 feet take the next right, we get there and it’s a dirt road.  So we pull out the map and continue down the paved road.  I guess we are old school.

The place here (Burns RV Park) is cute on the river and quite a few skeeters.  When we pulled in a newbie rvercame to chat and we were able to help her.  She had an R-Pod with a slide out no surge protecter though and she wanted to go solar, also gave her some leads on generators.

Roy and I both took a good shower so that was very refreshing the best part is they were FREE.  I hooked up the cable, Roy used the free internet, I went for a short walk.  It was short because I got bite to hell by skeeters, rubbing alchol is my friend.