Note to SELF

Do NOT write blog when dead tired I am sorry to all for the short note that was hard to follow.  Let me tell you about the East Walker river near Bridgeport Ca,  it was high, muddy, and fast moving.  I now know why people want to white water raft, it helped me decide I’m going to try on this trip (something calmer).  The river was just very forceful no fly fishing today.

The spring run off from the mountains is still going strong, very impressed with the level of rivers and lakes there is still a healthy snow pack.  I was impressed to see Mona lake full and Lake Topaz by the state line also very full.  A couple of bridge crossings the water was up to the bottom of the under side which was good but I could see where washouts could happen.  

So now that it looks like I’ve become a water baby and left animals behind it is not the case I’ve just added to my loves.  The other side is we are back to just seeing moooos.