We will be heading towards the cool, looks like in the nick of time.  Looks like high double, low triple digits are here to stay.  This is too soon.  I checked average temps of where we are head mid 60s, low 70s, almost winter coat weather.

We are headed down some interesting roads.  I mean packed dirt 18% grades, gravel roads steep roads.  I will be posting pictures after I get my heart out of my throat.

We are going to be boondocking a bunch of times hopefully to get closer to the animals.  

Now I need to get packing.  BTW we are headed back to Alaska only 10000 miles this year.

4 thoughts on “SOOOOON!!!!!!!

    1. I’m hoping for lots we are spending almost a week in Banff and Jasper. We are also spending 3 weeks on the Kenai


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