And So The Adventure Begins

or at least that’s what my pjs say.  I am so looking forward to this escape.  The animals didn’t know I was coming saw a nice herd of wild horse one even had a foal with her.  Tomorrow heading towards Reno we need to be careful because there is a deer migration. Talk about unreal sights, past four corners on 395 there is a one and a half mile long half mile deep solar field it went on forever.  Saw the Crystal Geyser (sp) plant in Lone Pine, also saw SNOW I know I will see more. Saw the radio telescopes  near Barstow when I get better internet I will post more about them.  For those of you who know about tne draining of Owens lake to water LA they are making progress keeping water in it.    Headed to Reno for the weekend.  

5 thoughts on “And So The Adventure Begins

  1. We saw lots of signs on highways near Reno about deer migration. Didn’t see any herds. Saw one lonely deer when it was dark. We saw lots of wild horses east of Fallon. Didn’t see Crystal Geyser plant…. or didn’t notice signage for it. Did you stop for the virtuals along the way?


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