Maybe Next Year

I don’t feel a year older today just a day older then yesterday.  I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting today, which I know should happen next year.  That’s what someone does at 50, I’m getting an early start.

Wow, let’s see the first thing that always happens today is it snows, being the fact the first day of spring and I was born in a snow storm.  It’s not snowing in Palm Desert but it might rain.

Second thing that struck me the varied amount of people who’ve touched my life in some way through the years.  I remember the first teacher who made me feel special. As silly as it was, we had to initial our papers, there was a DQ across the street so he had me put QD (cutey) on my papers, so he wouldn’t confuse the two.  My battles from Fort Sam who even though I was old enough to be the mom, made me feel cool enough to fit in.  I will say though, Shelby, Michelle, and Glick are responsible for some of my grey hair.  My husband Roy who has helped me over many a rough spot.  The group of nurses and or techs at the old Walter Reed who tried to teach my some rhythm, I still don’t have any.

Third thing is being the baby of the family I am the only one still in the 40s, something I can’t say next year. I always taunt that fact.

Fourth I am amazed at how many different adventures and places I’ve been.  Everything from being super book smart in school, a very wild child right after high school.  I settled into being a Gift Shop owner, went off and joined the Army at 39.  Wow, 10 years ago this summer.  I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 9 years ago this summer, this made me become retired.  

As far as places I’ve been grew up in Wisconsin, never really left there as a kid.  So as soon as I could I left for warmer climates, Florida called my name.  Right before I turned 25 it was on to Chicago, first experience with a big city, from here it was SoCal bound, Hollywood was amazing.  Roy and I spent time in Nevada a small town called Ely (that’s a whole blog by itself).  I went to Washington DC by myself when I was in the Army probably my favorite city to live in because of the rich history there.  I know reside in California again in the desert though, which is about 2 1/2 hours from Hollywood distance wise but a world away climate wise.

I guess what I’m trying to say is birthdays aren’t about how old you are but how many memories you’ve made and knowing how many more there are to come.

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