We are at the A-frame rally in Deadhorse State Park near Cottonwood AZ.  The event has been great but quite damp.  Last night my slide show went on but because of the rain we only had 5 people left.  Tonight we have rain again but it’s cold going down to 39.

The rally crowd had some newbies it is so cool to be able to show and share with people just starting out.  I was impressed with a lady who this was her first trip with her trailer and she came from Las Vegas, the navigation took her the mountain route over Jerome in the dark.  Very steep winding road in the dark, she is now a pro.

The tour of homes was enjoyable, there was a nice mix of older A-frames alongside some brand new trailers.  Yesterday we had a swap meet and were able to get rid of stuff we have not used, but still carried around.  Tomorrow is President’s day and most people will be heading home.  We will be heading home Tuesday.