Day 67 and a Half

Day 67 was getting a little long so here’s more.  I have been without phone service since Whitehorse which is ok and strange.  I never realized how much I keep in touch with people via text and phone, I didn’t think I did.  I bring this up because the only place in the area to have cell service is Stewert, BC.  We sit down for dinner and I turn on the phone, 2 voice mails appear.  No one calls me on this trip until I’m out of range.  That’s not true but it is funny.

Roy found a restaurant offerring King Crab and that is what he had.  I myself have become hooked on halibut.  This in itself is amazing, because I don’t do fish, too many fish Fridays in school.

In Hyder it’s Fish Creek there is a bear viewing area we were there earlier in the day with no luck.  I was hoping Roy would see one.  After dinner we returned.  SUCCESS! The bear waited to walk down the river for Roy to huff it down to the end of the platform.  My camera was having operator issues could not get settings right for the light available.  So glad Roy had my other camera.  He got amazing video which I will screen grab.  We were able to see the bear catch his fish.

Hopefully tomorrow we will see more.

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