Day 67 Iskut to Meziadin

No fires or burn out spots today which was good.  I was able to get Roy up and moving, this has been easy this trip.  I think the promise of animals gives me some help.  I am proud of him.

The one thing that is interesting on this part of the drive is how untouched the land is amazing.  It’s funny we have spent a whole season travelling.  We left Palm Desert on June 20th and witnessed the turning of summer on our way up.  Now that we are returning we are witnessing the beginnings and end of autumn.  It’s cool seeing the start of fireweed and the purple flowers now turn into stocks of red.  The “natives” say when the fireweed turns red winter is 6 weeks away.  The fireweed has turned red about 2 weeks ago.  Perfect timing to head home.

We pulled into dodge about 1pm, ate lunch that I slaved over in the morning. OK I made sandwiches, more then just making reservations. People who know, know kitchen skills are optional for me.

After setting up we headed over to Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK these are like sister cities seperated by an International boarder.  The drive over we saw quite a few glaciers and some amazing waterfalls.  I am glad these landscapes are coming later in the trip, because I am getting better with my camera.

I think we found Roy’s twin although it was a she in a store in Hyder.  It was a record between the two of them I started talking to myself in 15 seconds.  Fun and amazing who knew.

I will touch on bears, eagles and dinner in Day 67 and a half.