Day 68 I ate WHAT

Yes, I did eat MREs (meals ready to eat) in the service.  I want to know when they took out the skittles!  Dinner was delayed as we waited for the propane alarm to stop.  Before this journey began we decided to purchase a box of MREs in case we didn’t have electricity or didn’t want to cook.  Getting close to the end of the trip I said let’s use them or at least try them.

I had beef stew Roy had beef brisket with real beef slices and mashed potatoes. Each came with snack bread sealed in plastic with a packet of silca fot freshness.  DO NOT EAT was plastered on the small white packet.  I had pretzels, Roy had trail mix.  I had instant orange aid, Roy had coffee. We both had peanut butter and grape jelly.  We opened the package, which took a bit of work.  Once open you have a paper heater, in a plastic bag, which you put the unopened entree in add water to the line at the bottom, put in a cardboard sleave, set on an angle to heat for 10 to 15 min.  After getting to this point Roy could not believe our Service Men go through this in the field just to get ready to eat.

So, the dinner is getting warm and all of a sudden the propane sniffer goes off.  I immediately open the door take everything outside, I dump the water out of the bags and say let’s open the packs and microwave them.  The stew wasn’t to bad, neithervwas Roy’s beef.  The process on the other hand!  That was FUNNY!  Roy tried the peanut butter on a muffin later he scraped it off after one taste.  That hasn’t changed.

One final thought, Roy says if they had these when he was serving the war would have been over in time for dinner.