Day 56 Ole Man River

My knee swelling is down a littlle bit, now my knee cap is black and blue.  My coordination on good days is slim, so rather then risk breaking my neck I’ve gone down to one crutch and toe walking.  I do know I will have to get it looked at upon getting home.  

Today we went on a river boat cruise down the Chena, very muddy and shallow river.  The river boat was hid in an out of the way spot and did not look promising.  I have to say we were pleasantly surprised. We went 4 miles down the river where the Chena meets the Tanana.  Here we stopped at an Athabascan village, a replica of course.  Before this we were treated to a float plane landing and a dog sled demo.  If you ever get to Fairbanks YOU HAVE TO GO. 

I wasn’t going to get off at the village being the gimp I am, but, I am glad I did.  Langley one of the employees was able to drive me from stop to stop on the tour.  Roy stayed on the boat he has pictures of me riding in my chariot.

After the cruise we stopped at a restaurant to get some good seafood.  I also saw TV for the first time in two months that was wierd.   Another wierd thing is having to get away from the coast to have an opportunity to even order Alaskan seafood.

I think Monday is going to be a lazy day, maybe pictures.  I know I keep promising.

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