Day 55 Santa’sTown

Yes, we are hanging near the town of North Pole Alaska. 

We saw some of the original homesteads with sod roofs.  Then of course we had to see Santa’s house.  There were reindeers hanging around waiting to start flight training.  This place has the world’s largest Santa statue.  

I went inside and yes, I bought a few more Christmas shirts.  This is where you say “Really, Darcy.  I never would have thought you would do that!”

They also had homemade fudge.  Roy twisted my arm amd we got some.  We also picked up more tree oranments.  I was able to hobble around in the big store, but it was time for a break.

So we got in the car to find the North Pole. We did. This pole was transported over the magnetic North Pole.  Two poles were made one was pushed out over the pole this one is the other one.

The frosting on the cake or ice on the mountain was the police cars.


Tomorrow Sunday we are going on a 3hr cruise.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your knee but otherwise looks like you are having a great trip. Continue to enjoy! Happy Caching adventures also…


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