Day 57 Can I Keep Him

Getting around a little bit better today, so I don’t think it’s super bad.  I thought today was going to be a lazy day, then, we made plans.  Yesterday on the boat we stopped to see dog mushers when she was at the village I asked about a tour of the kennel, I called this morning.

Roy and I decided to clean up this am by showering and stuff.  I also figured out it’s laundry time. Tomorrow.  We ate lunch at the trailer, sandwiches quick and easy.  Headed the 21 miles into town.  First we had to stop at the North Pole Post Office and mail post cards.

We arrived at Trail Breakers Kennels for the tour at 3:30. Laura was our guide she reminded me of a young Demi Moore.  She ran in the 2014 Iditarod she plans on running again in 2018. We talked for a bit then the three of us played twister to fit on the small ATV. 

 The first stop was the puppy/mentor pen. It is there where puppies learn the ropes and pecking order from older dogs. Second was the boarding kennels and dog kennels.  I learned that if a dog doesn’t have good qualities needed for racing they are spayed and neutered.  Speaking of puppies we were able to hold two puppies who were 12 days old.  Such whiners, the one Roy was holding wanted to suckle.  The one I was holding just wanted to hide his head, and whine. The tour was fun and easy because we rode the whole way.

We went to dinner at the Chena Pump Room also seen from the boat yesterday.  Roy had another round of King Crab and I had Red Deer.  It was so good going back tomorrow.