Day 54 Extended Stay

Well, good news bad news.  My knee is not broken but, I’m on crutches for awhile.  This should be interesting.  I can not put any weight on it until the swelling goes down.  They wrapped it with an ace bandage.  If it doesn’t go down by Tuesday we have to go back to the ER on Wainwright Army Base.  

I do have to say quickest in and out of an ER ever.  The total time was about 2 hours start to finish with an x-ray and a trip to pharmacy thrown in.  I do have to say I am glad I kept my tricare, the VA said I needed to call Loma Linda VA and they needed to call Anchorage VA to get me enrolled up in their system.  Once that occurs the clinic triage nurse will figure out where to send me, probably to the civilian ER down town.  The VA guy suggested if I had tricare go over to the base hospital ER.  DONE!

We did some running around and stopped at the North Pole Welcome Center.  Picked up a t-shirt one of hopefully a few from the North Pole.  People who see me every holiday season know I need more Christmas and Santa shirts.  Look for a few pictures from the village because we can drive most of it.

I’m leaving everyone with two funny thoughts me on Santa’s lap, and crutches and a second person in a 12 foot trailer.

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