Day 53 Cold Morning = Change of Plans

41 degrees inside the trailer BRRRRRR.  Well my knee was still swollen and it was very cold, so decission was made to leave.  Having no electricity and me not being able to move spending another night was useless.  

I was able to hobble around using my cane for stability and get the stuff put away, Roy did the outside.  Once down we headed out, saw no animals until we got onto the main park road.  We did an earth cache at Savage river then a little further down the road saw three caribou. I was beginning to think that was all there was in the park. 

All of a sudden Roy slows down and this time I have my Canon ready.  There is a momma moose (cow) with her baby (calf).  I was able to zoom in and snap some good photos.  The cool part is she wasn’t spooked and Roy was able to inch up to the pull out.

We stopped by the Riley Creek Campground and at least we got a refund for the two nights we did not use.  So there is a silver lining :).  The rest of the trip to Fairbanks only had one animal sighting.  I had never seen a fox in the wild, this little red fox stopped in our lane then thought better of crossing the road.  He high tailed it back to the brush.

Friday we will head to Wainwright Army Base to check my knee, we are staying at the Air Force Base outside North Pole Alaska.