Day 52 Long Ride

After waking up to 45 degrees in the camper, I tried to make instant coffee by heatimg water on the propane stove.  That didn’t work  the water should have been hotter,  then I ended up dropping my coffee on the floor.  I added more crystals because I thought my was going to be weak.  After the mini disaters we walked up to the bus stop to catch the Kantishna bus.  This bus takes you to the end of the park road.

When I got on the bus I twisted my knee, I heard a pop then could notut full weight on it UGH!  I felt rushed but I should have taken my time.  She was the one who was 1/2 hour late, so we got seated on bus and on our way.  My knee was sore but I still enjoyed.  The total trip waa 10 hours.

We saw mainly caribou, a few dall sheep, no moose or bear.  The main thing we saw was the mountain which will always be Mt. McKinley to Roy and I.  Shortly after we saw it the clouds rolled in.  I stayed in at most of the stops but I did get out at the end of the road and took a picture.  On the way back we saw a young male dall sheep run down the hill.

Unfortunately, by the time we got off the bus I could not put any real weight on it. Lucky for us the park ranger who was doing the evening talk pulled in.  She gave us a ride to our campsite, she also called medical.  Medical came out and wanted me to self transport.  We decided to see how it will be in the morning

2 thoughts on “Day 52 Long Ride

  1. Oh dear, I hope your knee responds well to medical treatment. I’ve been thinking of you both and enjoying your shared adventures. But not this one!


    1. Well just got back from fairbanks we are at eilison air base by north pole ak. Extended stay in fairbanks area no weight bearing til swelling goes down. Crutches no fun


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