Day 51 True Boondocking

We are 30 miles inside Denalli, no phone, no internet, and no car driving.  I played el touristo today by walkingalong the overpriced tourist stores right outside the park.  We got up this morning and bought fire wood, smores makings, and water.  You have to be prepared when you rough it.

On the way out to teklanika, it’s the farthest you can drive and camp.  More info  we saw no animals unlike the night before when we saw caribou.   Although when we stopped at the guard house to get permission to proceed we were warned that there was a sow bear and 2 cubs that passed through the camp on Monday night.

Setting up was quick as we stayed connected so Roy turned on the propane and I set up.  Once set up we decided to nuke hot dogs, because you could run a generator from 4pm to 8pm.  I then went to the ranger program it was on bears.  BTW the bear bells are to make us humons feel better.

After the program came back and Roy had a fire going so we warmed up a little and made smores.  Got beat in a game of cribbage, then went to bed.  Tomorrow we take the bus to the end of the road.