Day 46 In Search of a Moose

Today was fun in a strange sorta way.  After discovering late on Wednesday night the trailer had a small problem from the condensation we had earlier in the week, I got up and unpacked the trailer.  It was raining so I ran between them.  Once I got everything moved which was funny to watch, I never knew the front of the trailer could hold so much.  We propped up the storage panels so the wood could dry, then went SHOPPING!

Roy needed a more powerful drill to put down the stabilizers. His old one is very slow.  I have not felt comfortable using my camera in the rain and I wanted a hood for it.  So today we went to get that stuff too.  Headed downtown reminded me of Hollywood Blvd, a gift store every 10 feet.  I did get what I needed then some.

We got home had dinner then went moose watching.  It was a bust kinda thinking they don’t exist.  We did see one in Canada and yes one in Alaska, but not where people say.  We did also grab a quick cache on the way home though.

Friday going to the Wild Animal Conservation Park.  I bet I’ll see a moose there.

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