Day 42-43 Say Good-Bye Kodiak Hello Ferry

We took our time closing up to move on, because the ferry did not leave until 10:45.  Checked into the ferry at 7pm Roy did not board the ferry until 11pm.  They were running late. I went on board early and got our cabin.  I also got a short video of Roy pulling on to the boat.

The Kennicott is a large ferry nice rooms, restaurant open 24/7, great crew.  I fact Roy has a new nickname thanks to the crew.  He was dubbed quarterroy say it quickly and think of a piece of clothing.  The water was calm so no sea sickness for either of us.

Roy spent Monday people watching I spent Monday walking the boat.  I couldn’t take many pictures because it was foggy.  Pulled into Whittier went straight to the campground because of the rain.  I hope it clears for the glacier cruise tomorrow.

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