Day 45 Stop at Camp Tundra

I want to thank Tundra Tim and Klondike Kate for opening up their house to us again.  It is good to sleep in a bed you don’t have to close up in the morning once in awhile.

We rushed to make it through the Whittier Tunnel a one lane train and car tunnel.  The tunnel is 2.5 miles and is the longest shared tunnel in North America.  This was interesting and a little unnerving. I kept seeing safe room number 1, 2, 5, I stopped counting after 7.  Those rooms added to my let’s get through the tunnel quickly.  Being under a 13,300 mountain my only thought was no earthquakes. PLEASE!! You can learn more about the tunnel here  

Very interesting read.  We got in to Anchorage and it was sunny and nice, no rain.  Roy dropped me off at Tim and Kate’s so I could start laundry, he went to get the trailer tires changed.  One was wearing a little, not bad for 5800 miles.

Dinner was very good, it was smoked tri-tip and some salad.  I don’t think I have had this before it was good.  I have enjoyed trying new food.