Day 34 Wally World to Homer

Or the glamming boondocking to great view not so great camp. 

I have now been on the most westerly road in the US that can be reached by not going to HI. This is at Anchor Point AK.  This is amazing because when we got to the Spit in Homer we have traveled every major road on the Kenai.   

Speaking of Homer I stopped by the Salty Dawg which is one of the smallest bars I’ve ever seen unless you count my kitchen growing up.  Many have also seen the bar on Deadlest Catch.  I did not put up a dollar bill.  The Dawg has come a long way from Homer’s first post office.

I went t-hirt and gift shopping found a few things but if I buy much more Roy will put me on the roof rack.  It was an amazing walk around town although the stores were very small and way to many people. It was Saturday though. 

 I did not see many eagles in Homer which was a disappointment, however I did see some large halibut, even ate some later.  The eagles we did see were at Deep Creek State Rec area on the way down.

RANT BELOW STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ IT.  Tomorrow we head to Kodiak for a week.

 Now on to our first bad campground experience, been very lucky this trip.  It started when we could not find the campground considering it was right where we had gotten gas.  The place was not well marked.  When I go to check-in no reservation under that name or Roy’s.  I say I have an email confirmation, my reservation appeared.  I pay for the night in cash got to our site, got distracted by eagles.  No pictures of those unfortunately.  We get the trailer level then plug in the surge protector and find out the electric polarization is reversed. It was not worth ruining the electronics.  I go to the office and am told it works we are just having problems with people’s surge protectors.  Long story short after trying 4 differant sites and pulling teeth we got moved.  She goes why are you given up this view.  My response was I do not want to fry my electronics.  It was an amazing view.  The moral of the story is if you camp buy a surge protecter for the outside.  This one we bought just paid for itself.  Thry are between $100 to $300 but worth every penny.  For those of you who read my rant thanks.

6 thoughts on “Day 34 Wally World to Homer

  1. Keep on ranting.. I’m following your blog in the hopes of making a trip like yours someday. And If I can learn how to avoid mistakes that would be great.


    1. I am actually surprised this was our first bad campsite. I plan when we are done to post a list


    1. Sorry Dennis I need to finish my statement, they called me to check in. I am going to post a list of campgrounds we camped at and what we thought of them.


    2. Karen if you get a surge protector please do not listen to the camp host when they say it’s your surge protector. We are in Kodiak now plugged in the surge protector showed good to go


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