Day 33 Seward to Captain Cook Campground

Sorta we did drive up there in the sprinkles.  The drive over was loaded with crazy traffic, the  salmon are running so lots of fisherman.  We drove along the Kenai river and saw where the Russian river meets.  I took a picture of the Kenai it has a color you can’t describe blue green but not quite.  

We broke camp today in the rain, so glad we had a pop up quick take down.  Seward also had a cruise ship in so good day to get out of Dodge. It rained on and off so we made a back up plan, more on that later.

We drove through Soldotna today this is the Anchorage of the Kenai.  Way too many people and cars in a small area.  We were going to stop here for lunch decided not too.  11 miles up the road is the town of Kenai, a growing community but not as busy.  It has a Wal-Mart. We ate at a Greek-Italian-Mexican restaurant, interesting.  Then we headed to old town where I saw a Russian Orthadox church from the early 1900’s.  

It had stopped raining so we headed up to Capt Cook, the sites are secluded but it was a place we would have to unhook so we did not stay.  The result of the journey up there makes sure we have driven every main road on the Kenai.  

So we are boondocking at Wally World in Kenai

Our home for tonight