Day 35 Homer to Kodiak

This could also be titled OMG what was I thinking.  Today is ferry day.

We checked out of the campground about 10:30am drove into Homer to do a late breakfast early lunch.  I had to check out a couple of gift stores nothing struck my fancy except for a shirt with a moose as a minon saying despicable moose.  The shirt was in kid sizes.  We then parked to wait for the ferry.  I did a bit of walking on the shore took some pics.  The whole trip so far was amazing.

Once we checked in we got into a space more waiting lol.  Roy and I decided to ask if they still had a cabin available they did, we upgraded.  This turned out to be a good thing, sleep in a bed is good.  I tried to finish on the boat but could not handle writing and rocking.

We met a couple who was moving from D.C. to Kodiak they also upgraded to a cabin.  Two people from the Coast Guard who are getting stationed here.  I did wake up with a migraine but am now feeling better.

I will write about the island tonight.