Day 2 Mesquite to Hill AFB

I will start at the end of the drive today at Hill AFB Fam camp I was able to stand at attention for the playing of TAPS.  I miss Military life.  We got a late start this morning left Mesquite at 9am drove through the Virgin River Gorge very pretty and hot.  First stop was Camping World in St George to pick up the surge protector and wheel chocks. Once back in the car we pointed it north to Alaska and cooler temps, it was 95 when we left Mesquite.  We drove by Browse UT he would not stop so I could browse.  I did make him stop at Beaver UT  they have a huge chair the start of my wacky roadsde attractions.  Made it through SLC during rush hour not bad saw snow on the mountains.  You meet interesting people camping this couple ww me pointers on Alaska. Well calling it a night will get pictures posted oon.
Met the infamous Howard this morning he’s as big as a hoot in person.  We went back and forth with banter on the phone.  This was a good choice on to Butte MT not Butte UT.

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