Add-on to day one

Sorry about the short post for day one after being up for 30 hours I kept deleting what I wrote. When we left Baker to meet geofriends Mike and Karen inVegas. They had lunch  I had Mike’s pancakes.  Thanks for sharing :).  The waitress took our order and the cook forgot to make mine. Once it did get made the strawberries on top were frozen. At least it didn’t cost anything.   It was nice to catch up and share stories.  We talked about the “Down and Dirty in the Dale Mining geoevent” The sand and wind kept them away this year, maybe next year.
We left Vegas at 3pm with every good intention of hitting Leeds. Exhaustion set in around Mesquite NV, an hour away from Leeds. Setting up at “Sun Resorts” was fun considering we forgot the chucks and surge protector, not bad.  Slept the whole night with air on warm but was nice.