Day 3 Hill AFB to Butte MT

The drive was BORING today, it was a flat climb.  No real trees or valleys just lots of green.  We did go through 3 states and completed 1/10 of our trip at MM42 on I-15 in Montana we crossed 1000 miles. Clark Canyon Reservoir was there 9000 more to go.
We did find a cache in Idaho near Malad, easy park and grab cool view too.  I am thinking of starting a game how many times will I cross the Continental Divide on this trip.  Let me know your guesses there might be something for the person who comes closest.  It happened twice today, MM0 I-15 in MT ele 6875 then at MM112 I-15 in MT

We picked up a mascot also an attempt at a selfie.  More pics to follow.20160622_120528[1]

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