Less than a Week

Not panicing yet getting excited!  Roy fixed the water leak, we have power.  I think I have all of the paper work together.  I am on a crash course to learn to use the new Garmin Oregon 600 GPS, we use this for geocaching.  I spent most of one day loading and unloading caches because I thought they were not showing up.  Google saved my butt.
Going back and forth with Roy on what to pack and where to put stuff has been fun.  He’s easy t-shirt and jeans although he is taking a bigger suitcase of them. I on the other hand am trying to figure out how to get my  stuff down to 2 suitcases. We also might need an empty suitcase for the clothes I buy along the way.  I have decided to bring a winter jacket just in case.
I will be writing blogs and vblogging daily but might not be posting every day.  So Roy and I are ready for adventure

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  1. Laundromats and hand washing along the way… saves on having to pack too much. My heart is fluttering with excitement for you… wish I could stow away!! Safe travels!

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