My Sweet Valetine

Valetine weekend 2016 was the first meet up with other A-Framers at Deadhorse State Park.  Roy was sick but still was able to go on the Chocolate Train. It was SWEET.  On this train trip I was able to get some pictures of an eagle nest. It also taught me a valuable lesson do not delete any pictures until you see them on a larger screen. I also was able to pick the brain of photogragher Lisa Langell she does wildlife expeditions in Alaska. I was able to acquire some super secret animal viewing / picture spots. So the 1000s of pictures you have to see when I return are her fault. I need to blame someone! The trailer ran good no needed honey dos for this trip.
I was also able to do a horse back ride, Roy and I joined a group of others at a western style BBQ that was a blast. I will add more pictures when I am near my computer.