Geocaching and Camping 01/16

It is always nice to combine two hobbies camping and geocaching (using million dollar satellites to find Tupperware).  It’s an adult treasure hunt. We hung with fellow geocachers who also made the trek over from Coachella Valley.  yumagcThis was our third year attending S*W*A*G’s Yuma Mega #13 GC5PG4A ymkev1and the first with the camper.  

This was the second trip out and we found out it is good to be small, the wind was fierce this weekend.  We were in a space surrounded by larger RVs that blocked the wind.  YumaOn this trip because of the wind we found some spaces that needed better insulation added to the honey do list.   We invited a few friends over to show them the trailer and see how many people could fit in.  I was surprised how easy it was not like stuffing a phone booth.

yuma3In the picture Dan (Wheeler Dealers) Kevin (Boxerboy211) Rex (shipwreck 77) Kandy (WD) Randy (Bugzapper 54) in front Roy (nevadanick).  I took the picture standing right outside the door.