Wait false alert. I am hoping that the Kenai Peninsula will bring a few animals out of the wood work. The last few days have seen us in Anchorage and the Mat-Su valley before that.

I have been trying to get over a cold and we had to stock up on a few things before the month on the Kenai. We also made a stop at Stewart’s camera shop I thought I had lost one of my filters on a lens because I could not get them apart. Crisis was avoided and the clerk was able to get them apart. This camera shop was instrumental on our first trip to Alaska. I’m glad they are still in business. We were able to take a drive out to Eagle River Nature Preserve still no animals there. It seems the only thing I have been able to find is Cottonwood trees. (My allergies are not happy).

back ground
view one
view two
close up

So you ask what is there to take pictures of? The day we were at Sheep Mountain Lodge I practiced composition and up close photography. It is amazing how when presented with a so-so landscape start looking at the small part and you can come up with pictures. Roy discovered these three dandelions and I walked around and clicked many different views of them here are two, plus one with a sweat bee on it. I don’t take flower pictures but this was an exercise I enjoyed. When I shot the purple blue bells had me move around until there was no shadow from a hose hanging on a wall.

The owner of Sheep Mountain Lodge is also a helicopter pilot I here is one of the pictures. I also was able to get a picture of Roy

what a ride
Roy’s blowing in the wind
the lodge

The Lodge here is a nice place to spend the night. We also were able to have our first taste of Copper River Salmon. It was so good we made this a stop twice this year.

I was able to stop by the Matanuska Glacier where I was able to get a few pictures from two overlooks.


Headed for the Kenai tomorrow keep your fingers crossed for animals,

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