On the Ship

I have met some awesome people already, first day in. When we boarded the boat on the 4th of June we get there early and I was glad for that. I say this because sommething we should have done was reserve a handicapped cabin. We had a 2-berth no potty reserved. Here again timing is everything. I just thought I would ask if they had one available, they did. Kayla who works for the ferry was very helpful and had such an awesome attitude. It is wonderful to run into people like that.

Roy and I have traveled the AMHS about 4 times each time we have had wonderful experiences. This time is no exception. Although I do say being in a chair you do see things in a whole new perspective. You also realize it is hard to make everything in a 50 year old ship ADA compatible. I have scoped out the 2 doors that will get me outside and inside. Once outside I am able to go completely around the ship.

I don’t know if it is fate, destiny, or just a small ship the reason I ask is all day yesterday I kept running into the same person. When this happened about the fifth time I asked for his name. We introduced ourselves and about 15 minutes later I see him and his wife and I say Hi, it was cute the look they passed between them. Long story short she was cool after we told her about the constant bumping inmto each other. Now I am still running into them. I will go for small boat.

First day out and we already had to turn the ship around. No, Roy was not acting up. Unfortunately there was a sick crew man that needed to be transferred for more intense medical care. I do hope he is ok. The bright side to this is the turn around gave it a chance for the sky to clear up. I was thinking not again clouds and blah for this trip.

There are quite a few photographers on the ship, when it clears you can get some awesome pictures. I did enjoy the fog this am and I think I have some working pictures of fog. that does make for some freaky moody pictures. I have not seen any whales yet, this is only day one. I trust that there are orcas in my future.

Well I am signing off for now. We are headed towards open waters to make up time and I am headed to lay down due to the motion of the ocean.

I did not know I would have internet in port so I am posting this and hope to finish writing the lead up to the ship. We are in Ketchican Alaska. The journey to the first port was super long. Dramamine is my friend. I will post some pictures when we hit dry land.