Who’s the Wino

That would have been Roy. Not quite but it is my story. We are members of Harvest Hosts, if you like wine, fruits, musuems, and boondocking this is something to check out. We stayed at EdenVale Winery in Medford Oregon. Everyone was so amazing. I have to do a few shout outs.

First, I have to thank Aaron King as he was instrumental in getting us to the winery and then helping us over the phone find a space. It is funny the way we ended up parked in the upper parking lot where we were locked in for the night. Roy did pick the wrong drive way. So on the phone to Aaron explain where we were. He said we can stay up top but the gate gets locked and you can’t get out until after 9 am. He said he put us down in the gravel by the barn. I am so glad he let us stay up top. It was a straight shot to the tasting room.

This was the first place we pulled out Roy’s scooter and my chair. I was a little concerned about the gravel, but, my little bugger has some moves that I showed off later that night. I digress, back to the second shout out. That would be the hostess / bar maid / comic known as Lisa. We approached the entrance the hard way as there was no ramp up so we lifted the chair and Roy’s scooter with a little help from some strangers. Later that evening Roy discovered a path that went through. So we get in the tasting room and Lisa is quite busy. Busy is good though. Talking like we always do when we go somewhere new. I found out that Lisa and her other half are headed to Alaska. It was neat sharing some tips and tricks about Alaska.

Towards the end of the evening we got to witness a wedding being planned. Someone has to taste all the wines. Speaking of wine, Lisa turned Roy onto a 2020 Viognier clear, sweet but not too sweet of a white wine. I had a rootbeer, he had two glasses of the wine. Later I did try a pear cider. I have to say that it had an interesting taste. Sadly though, the orchard where the pears come from was damaged by fire recently.

who’s there
the vines
nice sky

After we closed down the tasting room it was time to explore the grounds. This is where we found the barn owl sitting in the rafters of the peak of the barn. I also took advantage of my viewpoint from the chair to take some grape vine pictures. The vision here was to have the vines go on forever. The sunset had a tad bit of color to it also. It was good I had the chance to get my feet wet and take some pictures.

I know that this coming trip will be filled with adventure.