I Understand

I had my foot appointment today (surgery 3/7/20) those who know me know I used to be an Operating Room Technician 68D in the Army so I understand.  It’s a look a person gets when they have not touched a scalpel in weeks I had that look after I got out of the Army.  I knew what was coming next as she looked at the one part of my scar that still had a scab (it was coming off on it’s own) but she needed to use the scalpel for her own mental health as a surgeon.

Picture this she tells me she is just going trim up the edges. I’m like cool, then she picks up the scalpel and has that look.  It was fun remembering those days in the OR.  I gave in and let her gently use the scalpel because it is a need a surgeon has.  I understand. I am wondering how her Easter dinner will look and what way she will be slicing the ham.

Other things I understood today is how much I do not like wearing a mask outside the OR, she does not like it either.  I think it was drilled into me as a student ‘you DO NOT leave the OR with your mask on’.  On a side note we talked about music in surgery and I guess at the VA the OR Techs get the main say in what music is played. In the Army we pleased the surgeons, could be they out ranked us.

On the progress side; foot is doing good. I just need to be more active in moving the big toe and rolling up on the ball of the foot.  So I return in a month and hopefully she will be over her surgery withdrawals or back to working in the OR.

So, I also understand happy surgeon happy patient!

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  1. I’m getting ‘that look’ over things I haven’t done in a while. HELP ME ….. !!

    Great news on the foot. E-bike riding starts SOON … !! (weather permitting)


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