Another One Complete

road that is.  After getting back to the junction of NWT 5 and NWT 6, we turned to follow 6 to the end.  Fort Resolution is the oldest Chipewyan and Metis settlement in the NWT.  Like many of the towns it was established by the Hudson’s Bay CO as the earliest fur trading post on Great Slave Lake. ftres8 The town today is amix of young and old with deep roots in their history. That is the vibe I got when we filled up at the local one place has everything including the post office. ftres7 So I go in and pay for the gas and the woman at the register wanted my shirt, she would trade me I couldn’t do it.  I did run out to the car and grab some money to get a t-shirt that shows I’ve been to Fort Res.  We even had a total stranger come up to the car and introduce herself and welcome us to Canada and the town.  I keep coming back to the experience of the people they are so down to earth here in the NWT.  We drove around town and took a few pictures here is one of the Elders home, ftres6it seemed to be in great condition.  Here are a few more buildings including the Council Offices and Meeting Place ftres4ftres3After exploring a few more roads in the town, we headed to our campground Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park which was right on the water of the Little Buffalo River bufcampsig.  The freaky part of this campsite was watching Roy back straight back between two blue posts. bufcamp1 People who know me that on a good day I have issues with depth perception, so Roy most really trust me.  bufcamp2He goes just make sure I don’t hit anything.  I was holding my breath and hoping I did not have to tell him which way to move.  He made it and did not even need my direction I think that was good on both parts.  You can see from the pictures I didn’t do to bad. Here is the view behind our trailer. bufcamp3This year we have not had to many waterside campgrounds it has been mainly woodsy makes sense considering where we are.  The drive to Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park was when we had the lynx passing in front of the car.  As I am catching up on our travels I am sitting in Yellowknife out of the rain waiting and hoping in these 8 days I will get a chance to capture the northern lights on camera.  I’ve seen them and would like to share them with you.

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