The First Time

Get your mind out of the gutter.  Made you smile I did.  I know I’m jumping ahead but I thought you might want to enjoy this with me in almost real time as it happened over the 16th and 17th of August. We were driving from Fort Resolution area and talking about what animals we have not seen on this trip moose came up and no we still have not seen one.  We talked about we thought might have been a lynx that crossed way up in front of us early in the trip.  So driving further down the road  dodging a few rain drops and coming up to our turn off for Enterprise and Lady Evelyn Falls we were close enough to be positive that it was a lynx this time.  They really do exist to quote my favorite candy commercial. Once it felt our presence it started to bounce across the road when it was safely across it just glimpsed at us to say HI!  It is on the dash cam.

Upon checking into the park we set up and the sky had begun to clear up.  I was getting my hopes up because I was able to check the aurora forecast from NOAA  Roy and I counted back the hours from UTC time and figured when the best chance to see them would be.  That time frame was between 1:45 am to 2:30 am we decided to not set up the camera as I did not want to have to worry about exposure my first time.  So our time frame set we stayed up late, turned off the lights in the trailer, got adjusted to the dark, put on some layers, and head outside.  Our campsite is surrounded by trees even though it was a clear night I was concerned that it might not happen.  Roy thought he caught some green dancing in the north near the horizon between the trees but nothing over head.  Back inside we go shed some layers and wait.  I went out about 2:15 let my eyes adjust before I went out put on some layers (34 degrees) waited nothing.  I came back in and decided we will try in Yellowknife.  Roy goes out one last time at 2:30 am to check next thing I hear in a whispered voice is get your clothes on quick (28 degrees).  I did! Never before had I been told to get dressed so quickly.  Outside and directly over head we see a bright sorta neon green ribbon that lasted about 30 seconds.  I was in awe, enamored, over joyed and just tickled pink or should I say green.  I will tell you I’m still all of those things

I would like to say it did not last long but it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING for a first time.  I am hoping I can share some photos in the near future of the dancing northern lights with you.

3 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. SO EXCITED u SAW LiTES. Hope. Camera got pics? And it was COLD!!!!!!!!!? Sunshine. Also, liquers have become favs……….take care…

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  2. no pics of lights first time just wanted to enjoy here in Yellowknife for 8 days so hopefully one of those days


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