Crossed Over

Today we crossed over the Continental Divide even had signage to go with the event. divideThe spot we were at today is the lowest point of the divide the water shed is separated by just a small hump of sand and gravel.  Could you imagine being a stick that broke and one half ends up in the Arctic Ocean and the other half ended up in the Pacific Ocean (Bering Sea), you would never cross paths again.  Yes, sometimes I have random thoughts like that. divide1

We are at the Watson Lake Provincial Park got a spot very near to the water Roy even walked down to it.  I was out practicing more landscapes. divide2Today is probably the last day for cell phones and internet for about a week or two as we are headed to Toad River Lodge in BC Canada .  I will have cable and full hook-ups though. We are also coming to an area that we have not traveled before so I am getting excited.  I know there is more dirt roads in the near future but I have the packing figured out as to minimize dust and jarring.  So one more thing I learned from traveling the Dempster.

I will hopefully have pictures of many animals in the near future as we are going to be visiting Wood Buffalo National Park.

So I will be thinking of you guys while Roy and I are exploring.

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