August 1st.  Wow, we have a little over a month left on the trip.  It seems the longer we decide to be on the road the faster it flies by.  This has been a strange year with the fires, the lack of animal sightings, the flat tires.  The result of all of those things is an appreciation for every trip and the fact that every trip is different.  I think we have had more unplanned down time which allows us to explore more.

These mosquitoes maybe metal sculptures but I can tell you they are life size.  This is outside the visitor center at Delta Junction the end of the AlCan. mosquitoOur last night in Alaska we stayed at Tok River State Recreational Area right outside of Tok.  River front property very quiet park, great end to this part of the trip. tokcamp2 tokcamp4

I may be weird but I do love playing tacky tourist when it comes to signs.  yukonsignThis was the case with the 141st Meridian this is also the border between Canada and the US state of Alaska. bordakyb

Tonight we decided to drive into Whitehorse YT to the farmers market mark5 and to eat at “Klondike Ribs & Salmon”  At the market I caught one of the volunteers munching on a carrot she really gets into her role. I maybe should have warned her I was taking a picture, but there is no fun in that.  I do have to say when we’ve wanted to get out and explore the areas the crowds and the weather have been good. (not to crowded or hot).  This market had a concentration of food trucks but no snacking cause we did not want to spoil dinner. Here’s a sampling of the booths and crowds.mark1mark6mark2 One booth that held an interest for me was the CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) which is a  group striving to promote and protect Canada’s wild animals. Right now they are focusing on the Porcupine Caribou herd and the breeding grounds.  I had a interesting discussion and even bought a t-shirt to help the cause. mark4

At the restaurant we indulged in Elk Carpaccio this was extremely good and not spicy or greasy.  I had my standby of halibut fish n chips, Roy had the house specialty BBQ Ribs and salmon. I can say when we travel we do eat very well.  klon1The funny thing is we always have enough left over for at least one or sometimes two more meals.  klon2On a side note we also because of being off the beaten path have been using the kitchen in our Lance more.

Our journey is now turning to the northern lights and the process of getting there.  I am looking forward to experimenting with photographing these and hopefully sharing some of these shots.

One thought on “Say IT ISN’T So

  1. Darcy … a ‘tacky tourist’ … ?? Tell me it isn’t so …. !! Oh wait … she IS … !!

    Yep, too soon this will end … but it’s not too early to start planning for next year now is it ??

    We already have 5 trips penciled in between our return and the start of February 2020. Seems we’re always on the go now … without any Ex-Lax …

    Getting to Yellowknife in the next 2 weeks should be quite the next ‘adventure’ ….

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