Time Out

It is interesting how the best laid plans change. It has been an enjoyable time spent in Fairbanks Alaska. We even discovered the Osprey nest whaton the Steese Highway mentioned in the Milepost. I have also spent time practicing my landscape framing and composition when it comes to using my new lens. landscapeThis lens is the one I will be using for taking pictures of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). I am looking forward to attempting to capture at least maybe one night. But I know numberous things have to come together, like the solar flares, the lack of clouds, darkness, location, and timing. The practice of shooting at night is getting close as it is now getting dark around midnight. Side note on the darkness factor I’m amazed at how much energy I feel from the sun. I do have the location this is going to be Yellowknife Northwest Territories (NWT), there is a park we are staying at that is supposed to be a great place for the Northern Lights. The timing is the end of August.

We’ve also spent the time in Fairbanks exploring Fairbanks itself, the Farmers Market, I have gotten my raw garlic fix, Roy did discover a salsa that he loves, I enjoyed seeing the homemade crafts and I even bought some. Pioneer Park, this is where we were able to rent two scooters to make it more enjoyable for both Roy and myself.

A little outside of Fairbanks is Chena Hot Springs we were going to be staying on this road for a few days, the fire that occured made us change plans. I am beginning to believe that this trip is happening just the way it should. Roy wanted to camp on a sandbar actually a gravel bar, we did drive on one though.  jeeprockrockpano

The campgrounds on the Chena Hot Springs Road were well maintained and level.  So we were able to do the drive out to Chena Hot Springs as a day trip.  The smoke from the fire had blown away you could see it in the distance and every once in a while you would get a sniff.

Chena Hot Springs is definitely touristic https://chenahotsprings.com/ .   chssignThe lodge was an original log cabin.  Bear rug on the ceiling pictures of the aurora borealis.  I think Roy posed for the man chsinsidelooking up in the sky which is also inside the lodge.   The grounds are home to the ice museum  chsiceplanehttps://chenahotsprings.com/icemuseum.  There are also old rusted cars, chsoldequip1 farm equipment, and mining equipment

chsoarcart chsoldcar

A private airstrip adds to the resortchsairport.

This was just one of the day trips we’ve taken over the time in Fairbanks.  We also took one of the nights to take advantage of the local baseball team the Alaska Goldpanners https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Goldpanners_of_Fairbanks  they are a college summer league. I was quite smitten by the mascot as you can tell from this picture.  ball1I think this is because of his beard.  This is the team’s last home series of the season, the news said it would be a challenge for the Goldpanners.  The home team won 17 – 10 no challenge there.   He played the kazoo during the 7th inning stretch. ball2Here’s a link to the official website http://goldpanners.pointstreaksites.com/view/goldpanners/home-page-822 The National Anthem was sung by a local women who hit all the high notes. ball6 Here is an action shot Roy took. Some of the places in the area we’ve returned to a time or two ball5LARS and the Steese Hwy (AK 6) to mention just two. Pictures and details to follow lars7

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  1. We’ve now been in Fairbanks long enough that I check daily to see if our license plate has changed to ‘Alaska’ … but no, it still says ‘Dumbafornia’ …

    Needed to get a re-supply of wine while here and love going to the WalMart package store … yes, it is a separate store adjacent to the normal one. It’s the ONLY liquor store I know of where you can count on being carded … no matter how old you are. They card 100%, but no discount for being a geezer ….

    Just a few more days and we’ll be headed to Canada’s Northwest Territory (NWT) again and some more gravel roads …. hopefully more wildlife and Northern Lights …

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