Farmer’s Markets

Fruits, veggies, crafts, and poems all in one place.  There is a weekly farmers market that we discovered in Fairbanks AK the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market.  This week Roy found a mildly spicy homemade salsa, I found my garlic and green onions.  The garlic is good for my cholesterol and it keeps mosquitoes away. I also found Becca .

She uses a typewriter and birch paper.  I asked her how often does she get asked what that is?  Her response was she gets asked more often the question about getting asked about getting asked what that is.  I hope you followed that.  It took me having her explain it twice. So the question about getting asked about getting asked what it is happens more then asking what it is.  Now getting back on track. Starting off on with that exchange.  I see the little things she has typed on birch bark, very motivational, I then see a sign which states she will write a poem about anything all you have to do is name the subject then pay whatever. I’m game for this.  I still have sweet memories of Buki Bear and will always have these.  So what subject do I pick.

I pick Buki, like anyone she needed to get a feel for what he was like. So I told her. I think she nailed it.  I will let you decide.  First off Buki hated to travel, poor guy got motion sick so he traveled through my blog.  I also shared how he came home with me.  Mr meow box he was although he would be quiet for me.  Buki Bear was not his first name from me and it was a nickname.  I think he had the longest name of any pet until he finally responded to Kabuki shorten to Buki Bear. (full name Sir Giblet Hufflepuff Shmoo Kabuki Quimby) The human aspect of him what cat do you know who will only eat beef when it came to people food.  So after about twenty minutes I come back to this. poem1

Buki Bear
The road less traveled,
you knew how to get around without moving

Knew the ways to be human, the foods –
the beef only

On the road with you, 18 years, a cascade of names

A single moment of shushing a meow and hearing you listen

All to be taken in, to be left with the meowing we wish we could unsheesh.
Rebecca Lawhorne

We also talked about how things happen for a reason and people touch our lives exactly when we need them to touch us.

While I was walking around the market waiting for her to finish I stumble across some football themed kitchen stuff.  You know we are redoing the kitchen so it is only logical that I have a new kitchen theme to go with so here it is. DSCN8956

Hot pads, bib for dish soap, and a hand towel.  The other reason for this purchase is football season is coming. So I end this blog by saying


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  1. Green Bay … ?? do they still have a team … ?? … what ‘game’ … ??

    Awesome salsa … going back for more tomorrow (and more chips) …

    You never did explain what a ‘typewriter’ is … was … ??

    I miss our Buki too … !!

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