The Old and The New

I want to start this blog on a side note, the day we were leaving I was able to catch the start of a wildfire. dawsonfire The good news is they were able to get it extinguished Dawson City will never get a McDonalds as it is a historical site.  Diamond Tooth Gerties dawsonger  The casino gives back to the community so losing there it goes to a good cause.  The other good thing is you can watch Can-Can girls. Information from Parks Canada about the old in Dawson City.   These two buildings are photographed by many tourists.  Known as the kissing buildings dawsonkiss these were built on permafrost before people realized the building had to be raised.  This is a replica of Jack London’s cabin  dawsonjack1which also benefits from Gerties profits.  Here are some other buildings around Dawson dawsonold1 

dawsondmotdawsonmotIt is starting to become a boomtown again, with the edition of a Westmark Inn dawsonwm3dawsonwm2  and the land tours offered by Holland America I will say the new is trying to blend in with the old. Not related to the cruise or tour industry there are also some new hotels built to look old. The Bunkhouse is one dawsonbunk.

I am not sure if I covered this earlier but it is worth mentioning again.  The lamp chops from The Drunken Goat where just amazing.  This restaurant dawsongoatis worth making the trip to Dawson. It was also enjoyable to shop in the only grocery store in town. dawsonmar

Dawson City is a great place to recover from a trip up the Dempster and back or a trip over the Top of the World Highway.  Speaking of the Dempster I did get my Artic Circle t-shirt, an I survived the Dempster, plus a few others and I will wear these proudly.

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  1. Loved our time in the Yukon and the Inuvik / Dempster Road portion of our trip so far. So much to see. We can tell the difference in 3 years though. We travelled this area in 2016 … and the changes we see now really alter the ‘sights and sounds’ of yesteryear. Go see it now … before commercial tourism gobbles up this special part of our world.

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