You Don’t Have To Be Crazy

But It Helps….. I have to say my husband is not super crazy. We did not take Black Bear Road (didn’t need to get to Telluride that quickly). Yes, I’m quoting C.W. McCall again.

The drive up to Ouray was adventuresome all by itself. We passed three over 10,000 foot passes. I also saw the 10,000 foot elevation sign I think 4 times. It was up, down, up, up, up.

Coal Pass was the smallest of the passes, then we come upon the next pass Molas, there was a nice mountain lake that you could look down on.

I think with sites like the pic above I could get used to high places.
I did a little bit of shopping in Silverton,

a couple of t-shirts and even some jewelry. Coming out of Silverton we head up the million dollar highway On the way to Ouray we find a geocache that shows a plaque to commenorate a unique profession.

After picking my heart out of my throat seeing switchbacks and hairpins we arrive in Ouray.

I didn’t stop at the hotsprings because of my lack of tolerance to heat. Heading back the way we came we were able to get a picture of Red Mountain Pass.

I’ve enjoyed riding all the back roads this trip it has stretched my boundries.

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  1. Bob and I did that 3yrs ago, Bob in the rv and me driving the Tahoe towing our trailer with 2 atv’s. Yikes!


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